The truth called beauty

Firstly, I just wanted to let you know that I will not just be posting poetry but also articles and stories and this will be my first short article. Let’s talk about the lie about the truth called beauty. I mean should you have a white face, no acne, small nose, big lips etc. Or should you have a brown face, big eyes, long hair and a slim face. These questions are just a bunch of wires intertwined. See, no one is perfect. But you are all you have and you are more than just enough for you. You don’t need to look a certain way to be pretty, you have to feel beautiful. Beautiful is an adjective used for the feeling, often misused. This generation is being brought up with social media and we see all these girls or guys, and they are so perfect. Again nobody is perfect. They are their own kind of beautiful and special. You should wear your crown high and not compare yourself. Don’t give in on the lie. You are beautiful in your way. Don’t give a thought to the people who get you down. You have been gifted with this face and body. Appreciate it.. They are probably just jealous. If you looked just like Kylie Jenner, why would the world need you? We already have a Kylie Jenner and we don’t need 2. Everyone has their place here and I quote “ You wouldn’t be here if the universe didn’t need you”. Say the affirmations. Wear your crown. Feel beautiful.

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