3 useful tips for time management so you can work like a pro

Time management is something I don’t think anyone can master or be an expert at. I personally, am nowhere close, having worse time management than a carrot. I mean, it’s not that bad but you get the gist. And it may seem everyone is so good at it but seriously, everybody is struggling with the same stuff. Simple psychology has clearly stated that any default human mind would not want to work. Probably seems relatable. We would want to do the easier task. And in our 21st century world, it’s staring at a screen. But we can surely program our mind to do the harder task first. Slowly but surely. Maybe a bit too slowly and a bit less surely… Anyways, let’s get into it..

The first thing would be the most fundamental and it is to set your priorities straight. I mean, you should have a will. But will won’t do you any justice if you don’t have a reason. Why do you want to do that task? Where will it get you? Have a why. Have goals Have priorities. Know what matters to you.

The second thing is acknowledging it when you are wasting time. Don’t lie to yourself and give excuses. When you catch yourself wasting time, pause for a moment, close your eyes and think about what you are doing.  I read a quote once saying “Do something that your future self will thank you for”. This is what you should be doing. And I am not saying that you should be working 25/7 but why not be reminded of your goals.  

The third and final thing is to just start. Don’t think about it. Just tell yourself to work or study for 15 mins. After 15 mins, your mind will get in the zone and want to work. Avoid all distractions. You are putting in the work for you. So sit down, and do it all in  1 stretch.

I know everyone really needs an article like this. Work from home and school from home is not a joke and certainly not an easy job but I really hope this helps makes a step in the right directions.

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